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Multi-point Extractive Probe

ESS' Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls (DMCCO) manufactures multi-point continuous combustion analyzers for use in particulate-laden gas streams including utility and industrial boilers and lime kilns. DMCCO's analyzers, measuring CO, O2, NO, and more, assist in improving combustion and reducing NOx, loss-on-ignition (LOI), and slagging. With this new best-in-class O2, CO and NOx instrumentation for feedback and optimization DMCCO can offer customized engineered solutions for challenging environments.
DMCCO uses a patented extractive probe head with an automatic purge designed for applications that contain heavy particulate and high ash loading. Various length probes can be installed in a grid formation and local cabinets can be mounted close to extraction probes for simple and low-cost installation.


Key benefits of Delta's Extractive Probe:

  • State-of-the-art continuous combustion analyzer technology
  • Highly reliable NO and NOx systems feature a custom extractive probe design
  • Incorporate a measurement method using precise chemiluminescent analyzer technology
  • Provide precise SCR inlet and outlet NOx measurement and control
  • Replace existing high maintenance analyzers and elaborate extractive sampling system

Additional Benefits


  • Easy installation - probe length and flange sized to fit your duct
  • Engineered probe head (patent pending) and automatic blowback keeps ash out
  • Multiple levels of moisture and water vapor separation ensures -accuracy and reliability
  • Automatically zeroes the nondispersive infrared analyzer to eliminate drift and improve accuracy
  • Reduce NOx emissions
  • Improve efficiency
  • Decrease slagging
  • Improve O2control
  • Decrease waterwall corrosion
  • Decrease LOI

Sample Probe Specifications


  • Material of Construction: 316SS
  • Dimensions: Application Dependent
  • Process Connection: ANSI 150#, RF Flange
  • Particulate Filter: 2 micron, silica carbide, integral to probe
  • Patented Particle Separation